At Revelation Massage every massage therapy treatment is customized for you.

Customized Sessions

Our highly trained staff will customize every massage therapy session to your unique wellness needs. At the beginning of each session your practitioner will listen to you carefully in order to assess which treatments would be the most appropriate for your wellness goals.

Revelation Massage offers a full range of massage therapy services in Auburn, ME

Discover a new level of wellness in your life

Revelation Massage’s unique Membership Program is designed to optimize your health by incorporating monthly therapeutic massage into your wellness routine.

There is much debate amongst practitioners as to when to use heat and when to use cold on sore or injured muscles. This information is intended...

Massage relaxes and softens injured, tired, and overused muscles.

Overcoming chronic back pain

"Revelation Massage has played a significant role in helping me overcome chronic low back pain. During my work with them, I've realized...