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One of the most commonly experienced benefits of flotation therapy is stress reduction. In today's fast paced, multi-tasking and interconnected world flotation therapy provides space to disconnect. Due to its unique ability to effortlessly relax both body and mind, flotation therapy is becoming a widely popular and regularly used wellness tool. 

Your brain is normally very busy making constant calculations to ensure your safety. These include calculating gravity, sight, sound or temperature variations. When the brain has a chance to rest from these constant demands it recognizes the opportunity to deeply rest and you easily slip into a meditative theta brain state. It is in this deep state of relaxation that you are able to release the worries of your life, discover solutions emerging from your subconscious mind, and benefit from deep rest. One hour in a flotation therapy pod...

With regular use flotation therapy has been shown to help people achieve all of these wellness goals and more. Regular use is defined as one, two or four times a month, however you can float daily if you choose. There is no overdoing flotation therapy. You will become the expert on the best frequency for  your wellness goals over time. 

Your first float you may have been just getting used to the new sensations of zero gravity, where to place your arms, and deciding if you wanted sound and lights on or off. That is normal and we suggest floating at least three times before you have the full experience down. That is why we well a 3-pack series at a discount. Ask us how you can enjoy this benefit. 

How does flotation therapy relieve pain?
When it comes to pain reduction, the use of regular float therapy shows promising results across many different studies. Whether you suffer from...

Our bodies absorb light just like plants do in order to create energy? In fact, deep within our cells, mitochondria are producing energy in the form of ATP that fuels every cell of our body and our very experience of life. When mitochondria are deprived of essential light waves, including red light in the 600-700nm wavelengths and near infrared light in the 800-1000nm range, they can not produce energy efficiently. This leads to your experiencing less energy throughout your day, but also your cells have less energy to do the work of healing your body. When your cells have access to optimum energy they can do some pretty amazing things. The application of therapeutic doses of red and near infrared light is called Photobiomodulation. At Revelation Massage our Theralight 360 offers optimum doses of these essential light nutrients. Our Sunlighten Full Spectrum Sauna provides near infrared light waves and the addition of the warming benefits of mid and far...
Many different types of light are "bioactive', meaning they are absorbed by and affect the functioning of human cells. It turns out that certain wavelengths of light are in fact essential nutrients for our cellular health. 

Our ancestors didn't have to worry about receiving proper dosages of light as they were living outdoors and sitting by a cozy fire at night. In the last few generations , modern humans have evolved into spending upwards of 97% of their time indoors under artificial light. Pair that with our fear of the sun causing cancer and our exposure to light has decreased to an alarming rate. As a society we have become malilluminated, meaning we are not receiving the essential dosages of the health promoting wavelengths of light.

Not all light-waves are created equal. The light-waves that are powerfully important to human health are red and near infrared light which are parts...

Theralight 360
Full Body Photobiomodulation Therapy For Life

PHOTO = Light
BIO = Life

Our bodies need to absorb light. When deprived of high quality essential light waves our body can become malilluminated just as it can become malnourished when deprived of nutrient rich food. Essential light waves that our body needs for cellular health include Red Light in the 600-700nm wavelengths and Near Infrared in the 800-1000nm range. Much like a plant absorbs light in order to create energy, our cells absorb these therapeutic forms of light in order to create energy and optimize function.