Client Testimonials

Helped My Symptoms

“Massage therapy has helped my MS issues more than any other treatment I have. It's natural and the relaxation techniques help me to feel stronger. It also gives me peace of mind and helps relieve stress that is a major contributor to MS symptoms.”

Very Attentive

“When you enter Revelation Massage you instantly feel a professional vibe.  At that moment I know that the massage therapist would be superb.  I have had many different therapists within the organization and have been very pleased with each one.  They were very attentive to my needs. “


“My therapist is always professional. She is great on listening to your needs and what areas are problem areas, and gets right to the source. Very informative on stretches and exercises that could be done to help problem areas! Thanks”

Aroma Heat Treatment

“Massage is great anytime, but especially after this long dreary winter. The hot towels and lavender just add so much more to the relaxation, it almost made me forget it was so drab outside!”


“I always come to Revelation when I need to relax or de-stress! The staff are wonderful, professional and compassionate, and the service is fantastic.”

World Class

“You have made it impossible for your competitors to even keep up! A world class experience every time. Thank you for being the best at what you do!”

Heavy construction

“I work heavy construction and my body takes a beating most of the year. Revelation Massage is a beacon of healing for repairing my body and spirit.”

Hot Stone Massage

“The hot stone therapy with my message was a great addition to my treatment. The extra heat was very soothing and helped me relax more to gain a greater benefit from the message. I'm so hooked!”

Road To Comfort

“My therapist was awesome! My shoulder and neck were extremely tight and very sore, and he started me on the road to comfort.  He was very professional and helpful during my session.  I will definitely be back (no pun intended.)”

Monthly Massage

“My therapist provides a perfectly customized massage.  She works on the areas that I ask her to and she has a great mix of moderate pressure and relaxation techniques.  I love my monthly massage! (sometimes twice monthly).”