5 Tips For Muscle Health During Winter Snow Storms

Now that you have shoveled your driveway it's time to take care of the aches and pains associated with the heavy lifting and movements. Most likey you have not been training and preparing your body for the action of hours of shoveling, and perhaps you may not be treating it as you might if you were participating in a physical sport. (warming up, hydrating and post event stretching. In this article we wish to share a few helpful tips and reminders in order to help your body recover from a healthy day of shoveling:

Tip 1: Warm up your muscles prior to shoveling.

Cold muscles are more susceptible to injury, so taking 10 minutes to warm them up prior to activity could make a major difference in how you feel the rest of the week. Take a short walk, jog in place, move and stretch your legs, arms and back for a few minutes. Enjoying a pre-workout warm up is the first step towards a healthy day of shoveling.

Tip 2: Start early and take breaks often.

If possible, try to start to clear the snow early in the day. The longer you wait the more it can pile up and pack down or freeze. If the snow is deep remove a little at a time. Don't try to rush. Try to take a small break eery 15 minutes to appreciate the beauty of winter take a brief walk and stretch. Stay hydrated and snack on healthy protiens and complex carbohydrates for a well fueled body.

Tip 3 : Soak in an Epsom Salt bath.

The warm soothing water of a bath is beneficial and the Epsom Salt (magnesium sulfate) is nature's muscle relaxant. The minerals help to relax swolen muscles and to remove the build up of lactic acid which accumulates through the long day of physical activity. You can enjoy an Epsom Salt bath at home or reserve a Flotation Therapy session at Revelation Massage. Our float pods have 1,100 lbs of Epsom Salt in 10 inches of water. Your body enjoys a healthy therapeutic dose of magnesium while also relaxing every muscle through the benefits of zero gravity.

Tip 4: Take time to stretch or practice yoga after shoveling.

After any extended physical activity it is a great idea to stretch or elongate your contracted muscles. Reversing the state of a tight muscle allows for postural imbalances to resolve as well as allowing for nutrient rich blood flow to freely travel to the healing muscles for recovery. Before flopping on the couch after shoveling consider stretching the muscles in your legs, arms and back. The few minutes that this takes could lesson days of post-shoveling discomfort.

Tip 5: Reserve a therapeutic massage, float or infrared sauna session.

If you removed your own snow you enjoyed the cost savings of not hiring a service. Consider paying yourself by investing in your overall post shoveling health. At Revelation Massage our highly trained staff can customize your massage in order to resolve your aches and pains. A half-hour massage followed by a pain relief sauna session is a well deserved recovery package. Our clinical grade infrared full spectrum sauna utilizes the healing qualities of this invisible light spectrum in order to improve muscle recovery, reduce inflammation, support heart health, improve immune functioning and the detoxification of the body.

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