Juicing For Cellular Health

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Charlotte Gerson, daughter of the great juicing pioneer Max Gerson and founder of the Gerson therapy method said, “you cannot heal selectively. You cannot treat one disease and leave two untreated..” The whole boy wants to heal.

Dis-Ease is the bodies way of screaming to the person to stop polluting it, to add the right fuel and to clean and move the body so that it can heal itself. The body sends small messages at first the something is wrong, then the messages become stronger, until finally our symptoms are at the point that they receive a diagnosis. There are very few conditions that start spontaneously but we have been brainwashed to treat symptoms and to not even consider what the cause might be.

In today’s article we will cover one way in which we can provide the right fuel to our body so that it can heal itself. So let's briefly explore juicing as a method to provide an efficient means of adding the right fuel to our cells. First off there are a few things to consider when juicing:

  • To juice or to blend

  • What juicer to buy

  • Ingredient choices

  • Fitting it into your life

To Juice Or To Blend
A blender maintains the fruit and vegetable fibers and leaves no waste behind, while a juicer efficiently extracts the nutritional essence of the plant in such a way that it has an express route to your cells. There is no need to be a purist here, consider using both. For instance a juice then added to a blender with an avocado in it creates an amazing smoothie.

What Juicer To Buy
There are juicers on the market from $50-$1,000’s of dollars. There are cold pressed, centrifugal and slow pressed juicers. I have had a number of juicers over the years and although mine is not the top of the line as far as extracting all of the nutrients like a slow pressed juicer. The selling points I needed to prioritize had less to do with highest quality and more to do with lifestyle fit. My juicer is small enough to store on my kitchen counter, it it super fast to set up and to clean. Because of these attributes I am able to use it daily. My philosophy is that it is better to juice daily with a centrifugal juicer than to juice irregularly with a hard to manage juicer.

Ingredient Choices
It is best to balance fruits with veggies so as to balance the glycemic index...ie sugars. Experiment with ingredients. I was surprised to find out that veggies like red cabbage, basil, parsnips and fennel taste amazing in juices. If you like the safety of exploring with a time tested recipe then I highly recommend any of the books by Jason Vale.

Fitting It Into Your Life
You will be surprised when shopping for your ingredients how many people look at you a little funny in the check-out lane. But don’t worry it is just envy that you are caring for your body so well. It is confusing and I like to think inspiring to others to see all of the brightly colored fruits and veggies on display in your cart. It will take an extra 15 minutes in order to prep, drink and clean up from your juice so choose a time of day that works well for you. I love drinking my juice in the morning to break my evening fast. (Did you ever wonder why it is called breakfast?; )