Massage Therapy Relief For A Sore Gardener

Spring is in the air and thus begins the gardening season. Here in the northeast we have just begun to shake the chill from our bones and many of us have experienced a somewhat sedentary winter. Gardeners know that a healthy garden requires maintenance: the correct levels of moisture and nutrients and the tending to weeks is an ongoing labor of love for gardeners. Many gardeners find that they experience some aches and pains while undergoing their gardening duties. They may "overdo it" and may forgo warming up and stretching breaks.  This can lead to a sore back, neck and arms or a sense of overall stiffness.

Massage therapy has been shown to relieve pain and stiffness, speed recovery time and improves joint flexibility.  Massage is an effective tool prior to or after a gardening session. Massage is used to reduce the chance of injury and can lead to a pain free gardening season. Click Here to book your next massage today.

Tips For A Healthy Gardening Season:

1. Warm up prior to working: Enjoy a 5-10 minute walk prior to working in the garden. It gives your muscles a chance to loosen up through increased blood circulation and gentle movement.

2. Stay well hydrated: It is always a good idea to stay well hydrated. They Mayo Clinic now recommends that a healthy adult drink eight 8oz glasses of water a day. If it is a hot day it is especially important to emphasize healthy hydration.

3. Post gardening stretches: After a day of working in the garden have a tall glass of water and be sure to do some gentle stretches. CLICK HERE to view some expamples of stretches.