Muscle Soreness After the Trek Across Maine?

The Trek Across Maine started in 1985 and is a cornerstone of the American Lung Association's fundraising efforts, and a yearly tradition for thousands of Trekkers. The 183 mile bike route offers bikers the full Maine experience from the mountains of Sunday River through Farmington, and Waterville and to the coastline of Belfast, Maine. It's an invigorating and rewarding experience that many train for months to accomplish, and some jump into with no training at all. But at the end of the weekend along with the invigoration of accomplishment comes the muscle soreness associated with the long ride.

A biker uses leg strength to propel themselves forward. Traditionally cyclists will have discomfort in their legs when riding for long distances. However, the majority of cyclists ride bikes made to prioritize speed by placing themselves in a forward bent position. The forward-bent position may be slightly more efficient for riding speed, but places tremendous stress on the low back, neck, shoulders, elbows and especially the wrists.

Some post event self care techniques can include stretching, self-massage with the use of a Pinky Ball, a hot bath with Helios Therapeutic Soaking Salts or the application of Biofreeze to the sore areas. The best tool of choice would be to receive a professional therapeutic massage provided by a massage therapist with advanced training so as to best customize the massage to your unique condition.

A sports massage is focused on alleviating the common conditions associated with the athlete's sport of choice. It is best to include regular massage therapy care into your training regimen. Athletes attest to decreased recovery time, an increase in endurance and strength, and in increased consistency of motivation to train. Revelation Massage's Membership Programs support athletes of all abilities to enjoy their sport of choice while avoiding injuries and increasing their performance.