Paving the Path Toward Wellness

Revelation Massage opens new location and expands therapeutic services
“Massage is not just for the elite who have luxury time and luxury expenses. It’s for everyone.
It’s for health.” If Kim Jacques, owner of Revelation Massage, could shout that from the rooftop
of her soon-to- be new location at 577 Main Street in Lewiston, she would. But frankly, she
doesn’t need to.
Since she and her sister Chelsea Fournier took home the $100,000 grand prize from the
Lewiston Auburn Economic Growth Council’s “Launch L-A! Young Entrepreneur Challenge” five
years ago for their business plan of a membership-based massage therapy center, a lot has
happened. Most importantly, according to Jacques, was people’s perception of massage
therapy and the role it can play in helping people achieve their wellness goals when used
“Massage can be for relaxation, it can be for recovery,” explained Jacques of the far-reaching
benefits which include reduced stress and anxiety, relief of headaches and pain, enhanced
states of calm and comfort, and treatment for various ailments. “We’ve really dedicated the
time to educate people about how customized health and wellness therapy can be an
affordable and accessible component of a holistic approach to wellness.”
Not only has her business—which has eight massage therapy rooms and offers more than 20
massage services and enhancements such as hot stone massage and aromatherapy—seen a
steady increase in community interest over the years, but other massage therapists in the area
report being booked as well. Call it a “trickle-down” theory, if you will, but It seems people have
caught on, and they don’t want to let go.
“After you experience the therapeutic massage services at Revelation Massage, you find that
you don’t want to go without it,” admitted Janis Michaud, who has held a monthly massage
membership since 2013. “I use (massage therapy) to stay healthy and it has become part of my
wellness plan. I just turned sixty so there are aches and pains. If I’m feeling less than great, this
makes me feel human again.”
With the expansion to Revelation’s new Lewiston location, Jacques and her team of 19 highly-
skilled massage therapists and four customer service specialists are bringing even more options
for achieving optimal health to the more than 1,000 member and walk-in clients they see within
any given month—and to the LA community in general.
“I put my feelers out, did a lot of research, a lot of thinking about how I can continue to bring
health to my community,” said Jacques of her expanded services. Her research led her to
Flotation Therapy and Infrared Sauna Therapy, two innovative technologies currently not
offered in or around Lewiston Auburn (and hardly in the state, for that matter).
“Revelation will still have amazing, high-quality massage therapy care—which will always be our
focus because that is who we are—but now we’ll be able to take somebody’s health to the next
level in a diversified way,” said Jacques.
Flotation Therapy has been around for decades but has just recently gained momentum and
popularity within the last 10 years or so. The concept is one of short-term sensory deprivation,
but don’t let the terminology scare you; it’s regarded as an incredibly soothing and restorative
experience for mind and body.
Clients can enjoy the treatment in one of Revelation’s two private float tanks. These tanks, or
“pods,” are filled with buoyant water of 30% magnesium (Epsom salt) heated to skin
temperature. For the full effect, both light and sound are removed. (Jacques says clients who
choose to leave the lights on or want to have music, can) A typical “float” lasts about an hour,
but the beneficial effects linger, such as reduced stress and anxiety; increased circulation; more
restful sleep; enhanced creativity, calm and energy; and more.
“The magnesium in the water promotes weightlessness, helping you reach a state of deep
relaxation,” explained Revelation Massage Therapist Jaime Tomlinson. “The addition of
flotation tanks are going to augment the benefits of massage nicely, as far as relaxation and
deep healing goes.”
The other new offering, two full-spectrum infrared saunas, are just as hot a therapy, if not
literally. On the outside, infrared saunas appear very similar to traditional air or steam saunas;
the interior is constructed of wood and there is a wooden bench to sit on. But that’s about as
far as the similarities go. Unlike traditional steam or air saunas that can produce sluggish, moist
air, infrared saunas use invisible waves of energy to elevate your core body temperature by
three degrees, basically mimicking what a fever does to your body to kill bacteria and illness.
This radiant heat allows for non-invasive, targeted levels of beneficial heating of muscles,
tissue, and internal organs and has been shown eliminate 17 percent more waste and toxins
from perspiration than other saunas. Since this particular sauna is full-spectrum, users can
specify treatment for their particular wellness goals including weight loss and cardio,
detoxification, wound healing, and more.
“I think a lot of my clients will use the infrared sauna to add to their wellness plans as it
promotes really deep, therapeutic heat for the body and muscles, making massage more
effective,” said Revelation Massage Therapist Valerie Myer.
In addition to these new therapies, Revelation will also offer use of a far-reaching tabletop
infrared sauna, a single-person sauna clients can add on to the end of a massage; new
enhancement treatments such as a seaweed wrap; rich, organic lotions and products; salt glows
and body balms; muscle mender full body treatments; well-crafted loose leaf tea for post
session sips; an all-natural anti-aging product that has proven to increase the life span of mice
by seven percent; and other holistic, good-for- you products that jive with Revelation’s wellness
“We’re redefining ourselves,” said Jacques. “We really envision that clients can have a wellness
day with us now. They can come in and start off with a float tank experience, have that lead
into a massage, and then end the day with a detoxifying sauna. Hey, that’s a pretty good
Saturday.” Seeing as though they are open seven days a week, it can be a really good any day to
start your path toward wellness with Revelation Massage, whether through a membership or
with a same day appointment.