Taking time out for...you.

Wed, 11/21/2012

Do you ever feel as if there are not enough hours in the day?

As counter intuitive as it seems, sometimes the best way to proceed...is to stop. Tasks become much more manageable when you have had time to gather your thoughts and reconnect to yourself. Stopping helps you to become more efficient once you do start up again.

Consider the benefits of creating a routine stopping point within your life, one that you can count on and look forward to. Consider taking one hour a month just for you, and having that one hour serve as your time to "re-boot" allowing you to step out into the world with your best foot forward. Consider the fact that massage therapy can amplify the effects of stopping. It is suggested that a one hour massage therapy session can have the same effects as an eight hour nap.

If you need time to step off of the hamster wheel of life and desire a convenient and efficient way of adding this routine to your daily life, then consider the convenience of a Revelation Massage Membership.