Trouble Sleeping?

Have you ever experienced a time when you lacked sleep?


Maybe it was due to a flipped schedule at work, or when you had a newborn baby, or when you traveled and suffered from jet lag or insomnia.  Although science does not completely understand the full inner workings of why we need to sleep and what it is accomplishing we certainly know the pain of lack of it. brain fog, headaches, lack of ability to think clearly, anxiety, depression, heightened stress hormones like cortisol, nausea or disorientation…


The research has been rolling in on how the regular practice of meditation can reset bio rhythms, enhance connectivity between brain regions,  reduce the symptoms of lack of sleep and many more neurological benefits. However, if you are like many people meditation may be something that you “tried” and feel as if you “failed” at it. Well fear not. Many people just like you are accessing the powerful benefits of mediation with this simple technique. It is called flotation therapy, and it is gaining popularity across the country as a method of accessing the same healing theta brainwave state as achieved with meditation but without the “trying”.


Flotation therapy is sometimes referred to as the training wheels for meditation. Because of the physical experience of zero gravity and lack of sensory stimulation you are physiologically prompted to slip into a meditative state which gives rise to shifting your brain into a Theta Brainwave State that only the most experienced of meditators consistently achieve. The healing nature of the Theta Waves are also experienced momentarily naturally just before falling asleep or waking up. By increasing your Theta Wave activity you are able to retrain your brain patterns, aid in the reduction of sleep deprivation symptoms and rebooting your brain.  In fact it is observed that 1-hour of flotation therapy has similar effects as 4 hours of deep sleep.


Much like meditation, flotation is a practice. With regular use your brain becomes trained to slip into the therapeutic theta wave state more easily. Each float is quite different and offers new opportunities for personal insight both emotionally as well as physically. However, even just one flotation session can create the results of a more rested refocused brain.


Flotation therapy is a great gift idea for the pregnant mom having disturbed sleep due to discomfort, for the new mom who is suffering from sleep deprivation, for the nurse who works nights, for the person with jet lag or insomnia, for the person already practicing meditation who wants to explore a heightened experience.


Looking for a float center near you? Flotation therapy is becoming a very popular treatment of choice for many mental, physical and emotional benefits as as such many are popping up around the country. A google search will find your closest one. Do you live in Maine? Be sure to visit Revelation Massage in Lewiston, Maine.


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"I first read about flotation relaxation therapy at the beginning of last year. I knew there were a couple of places throughout the state that offered it but I didn't really want to travel far to experience it. I was thrilled when I found out that we had it at Revelation!!! I was nervous and excited when it came time for my appointment. The girls put my mind at ease and it was the best time ever. I went for 90 minutes and I fell asleep! I'll definitely go again! My mind, body and skin felt amazing!!!" - Client Testimonial