Massage Memberships



Imagine guaranteeing yourself a monthly therapeutic massage. Whether your goal is to relax, achieve pain relief, or support your athletic performance, Revelation Massage’s unique Membership Program is designed to optimize your health by incorporating monthly therapeutic massage into your wellness routine.

Become a Revelation Massage Member and enjoy exclusive benefits while improving your health.

How it works

  • Enjoy one monthly prepaid massage therapy session per month.
  • As a member you will receive unlimited additional sessions at our low membership prices.
  • Option to upgrade the length of your membership massage at any time.
  • Allow up to three immediate family members to access membership pricing with a one time $10.00 initiation fee for each associate member.
  • Monthly exclusive benefits.
  • No long term contracts.
  • Unused prepaid sessions roll over for up to 3 months.
  • We are open 7 days a week and offer convenient hours.
  • You can even reserve your session or purchase gift certificates online!!

Call today to receive the best savings on your membership!

It’s easy to sign up. Just stop by our 577 Main Street locaion in Lewiston, Maine or call 207-376-3233.