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TheraLight 360

Welcome To The Next Age Of Wellness


Longevity / Recovery / Vitality / Anti-Aging


The answer to aging is simple when you focus on the root cause within the cells: oxidative stress and mitochondrial definciency. 

All age related symptoms and many disease states begin with these two cellular processes. What if we could transform cell health in order to create a cascade of positive effects throughout the entire body? We can with the Theralight 360 Full Body Wellness System. 

Our cells need to absorb healthy wavelengths of light (Red and Infrared Light) in order to function at optimum levels.The Theralight 360 Light Full Body Wellness System is designed to feed our cells with the proper light nutrients in order to reduce oxidative stress and increase mitochondrial activity.

Each 10 minute Theralight 360 session transforms cell health by providing the light nutrients our bodies need in order to reduce oxidative stress and increase mitochondrial function through a process called Photobiomodulation:

Photo = Light
Bio = Life
Modulation = Change

Our Theralight 360 Full Body Wellness System turns back the clock on cell aging and activates your bodies optimum potential for health and vitality through the application of red and near infrared light. The Theralight 360 uses the highest quality, most versatile and most effective patent pending technologies that ensure high quality outcomes:

  • Joint, Muscle and Nerve Pain Relief
  • Supports Athletic Performance and Recovery
  • Improved Sleep
  • Improved Mood
  • Improved Mitochondrial Function
  • Reduction of Oxidative Stress
  • Skin Anti-Aging
  • Adjunct to Weight Loss with Diet and Exercise

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First Time Session: $20
Single Repeat Session: $25
3-Pack Series: $59 (unused prepaid series sessions expire 90 days after purchase)
Biohacker 's Bundle Membership = 3 prepaid sessions per month (unused prepaid membership sessions expire 30 days after purchase), unlimited additional sessions for just $18, prepaid sessions can be used towards our other light therapy service, plus you recieve 10% off our nutrigenomic home care products: $59/month


What wavelengths of light are used in the Theralight 360?
The Theralight 360 is formulated with four colors based upon the depth of tissue penetration and what it does once it gets there. 

  • 635 nm: Cytocrome C Oxidase absorption in shallow tissues
  • 810 and 850 nm: Cytocrome C Oxidase absorption in deeper tissues
  • 980 nm: High water absoption 

What can I expect during my Theralight 360 session?

  • You should arrive 10 minutes early if you have not already filled out your new client paperwork and watched the orientation video. If you have, please arrive promply for your start time. 
  • You will be escorted to your private Theralight 360 room and a member of our team will orientate you to the room, how to turn on the light/timer and our recommended eye wear.
  • You will fully disrobe during your session so as to have maximum skin exposure to the therapeutic light waves. 
  • When your session is complete the lights will turn off and it will be time to get dressed and return to the front desk in order to reserve your next Theralight 360 session.

How often should I receive a Theralight 360 session?

  • For best results it is advised that for the first two weeks you receive a session every other day (3 sessions per week). This will renourish your body and allow for change to occur. 
  • Next, it is best to receive 2 sessions per week until your goals are acheived.
  • Finally, you will continue a maintenance level of 1-2 times per week. 


Become The Healthiest Version Of Yourself