Neuromuscular Therapy

“Neuro” means “associated with the nervous system” and “muscular” relates to muscles. The brain is continually sending signals down to the muscles telling them to contract and relax in order to support our everyday movement. Likewise there are signals that are sent back to the brain from the muscles that inform the brain of necessary changes needed to be made in order to accomplish those everyday movements. Through this feedback the muscles are able to respond to the repetitive environmental and emotional stresses found in everyday life. The communication chain between the brain and muscles can turn into a negative cycle that needs to be “rebooted” just like a computer. Neuromuscular therapy recognizes various gentle ways to restore the normal functioning of the muscles through slow repetitive work. This treatment is very effective to use with muscles that are in discomfort and too sore to use traditional massage pressure, or on tissues that are non-responsive to other methods. Clients find this therapy very relaxing and effective.