Completely worthwhile!

"I used to think of a massage as a luxury (one that took a back seat to tuition, student and car loans, mortgages, etc.). But after pulling a muscle in my lower back which resulted in near sleepless nights and days of limping about, I decided my health and peace of mind were worth investing in some trained attention. I am so glad to have met the staff of Revelation Massage. The minute I walked in the door I knew I was going to be well taken care of. My therapist took the time to listen carefully, ask good questions and made sure I didn't feel rushed. With a firm but gentle touch he found a way to loosen up the strangle-hold my back had had on me. Following his instructions for some stretching exercises I could do afterwards, not only did my back feel better, but I felt better all over. I'm convinced making massage therapy a regular part of my health routine is completely worthwhile." -December 2011 Survey Results