Hamstring/Gastrocnemius Stretch Stretch

Our muscles tend to tighten throughout the day due to environmental and emotional stresses. Taking time to stretch reminds your body of its full capacity of movement and therefore staves off the effects of limited movement we associate with “aging”. This is a stretch for the back of the leg and gluts. (Hamstrings, gastrocnemius and gluteals)

First, lie on your back on a comfortable surface. Have your stretching rope with you.

Next, place one leg on the ground while wrapping the rope around the foot of the other leg. The rope should be lying across the balls of the toes. Gently lift this leg with straight knees Hold this stretch for either 2 seconds or for a cycle of 5 breaths depending upon the recommendation of your therapist, and the messages your body gives you. A stretch should never hurt. Pain creates a protective response that causes your muscles to shorten.

Finally, release the stretch and switch to the other side.

If you notice that your view has shifted, instead of shifting the mirror, straiten your spine. This is a great way to improve your posture and strengthen your core while going about your busy day.