The Sacro Wedgy

The Sacro Wedgy has been shown to assist in the relief of low back discomfort with regular use by individuals. To use find a space on the ground or other flat surface that offers solid support. Lie on your side and place the Sacro Wedgy on your sacrum (the keystone bone of your low back and pelvis). Ask your therapist to assist you in becoming familiar with how to find this. Roll onto your back with the Sacro Wedgy in place and place the neck roll in the crook of your neck. Lie with your legs straight and just relax and breathe. You can do this on a daily basis if needed, and it is recommended that you start off for no more than 5 minutes but can be worked up to 20 minutes at a time. When done gently roll to your side first before standing up. As always listen to your body and its messages. Only use the Sacro Wedgy if it feels right for you.

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