Wrist Flexor Stretch

Our muscles tend to tighten throughout the day due to environmental and emotional stresses. Taking time to stretch reminds your body of its full capacity of movement and therefore staves off the effects of limited movement we associate with “aging”.

Our wrist flexor muscles are used anytime we use our hands, as they are in charge of not just our wrists but our fingers as well. For this reason they are used in activities such as grasping with our hands or typing on the computer. To start this stretch first straighten your right arm, and extend your wrist so that your fingers are trying to point towards your ceiling or your nose. With your left hand gently grasp the fingers of your right hand and pull towards you with only 10% of your strength. A stretch should never hurt. Over stretching a muscle could cause injury.

Many times discomfort in your forearms and wrist can be due to tightness in the muscles of your neck and chest. Your massage therapist will most likely be working in these areas as well to relieve tension.