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As of September 1, 2016, we have moved to 577 Main St. in Lewiston!  


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Our highly trained staff will customize every massage therapy session to your unique wellness needs. At the beginning of each appointment, your practitioner will listen to you carefully in order to assess which treatments would be the most appropriate for your wellness goals.

Some of the treatments offered in a custom session could include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, neuromuscular therapy, positional release, reflexology, pregnancy massage, polarity therapy, stretching or sports massage treatments.

You may decide to include additional add-on services to enhance your experiences such as Himalayan hot stones or deep heat muscle therapy. At the end of the massage, your practitioner will offer you health tips and suggestions to support you between your treatments with us, because we want you to feel great every day! 

Learn more about our Massage Membership Program. You can also visit us at 577 Main Street in Lewiston. Gratuity is graciously accepted for the therapist who performs your service. Tip charts and envelopes are available. You can also leave it with the front desk. 

Swedish Massage

Otherwise known as “classic massage” outside of the United States, is the foundation for most massage therapy sessions today. Swedish massage was formally developed approximately 150 years ago in Europe as a means of supporting the long-term health and rehabilitative care of individuals and athletes. It includes the use of long fluid movements towards the heart to increase circulation and relieve muscle tension. A client feels a deep sense of relaxation while the practitioner uses firm but gentle pressure to soothe away muscle tension and increasing joint movement. Swedish massage has also been proven to support immune system functioning.

Myofascial Release

Fascia is a continuous sheath of connective tissue that wraps around every muscle, bone, organ, cell, nerve, vein, and gland. It is this sheath that holds our habitual postural patterns. Myofascial release is a deep, slow and patient technique that is applied to areas of postural restriction that supports the opportunity to readjust posture and restore comfort.

Trigger Point Therapy

This treatment is used in conjunction with neuromuscular therapy and as such is considered part of neuromuscular therapy. The massage therapist finds areas of localized muscular tightness, that when pressed upon translates a sensation to another area of the body. In many cases trigger points are found in muscles that are overly contracted or improperly elongated. For instance many individuals have a very tight upper back; contrary to what may be expected, the upper back muscles are usually eccentrically contracted (or stretched and tight), because the opposing muscle group, “the pecs”, are too concentrically contracted (short and tight). A goal to decrease discomfort from this imbalance would be to lengthen the pecs and soothe the upper back muscles while releasing trigger points. This protocol has much longer lasting results than just massaging that “sore spot” in the back.

Sports Massage

Massage therapy is a great tool for athletes of any age and performance level to include into their regular routine. While training massage allows for quicker recovery times between training sessions, and decreases the risk of injury. Massage is also great for before and after any strenuous athletic event to support peak performance and recovery. In 1984 massage therapy was included as part of the athlete support at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles. Massage is not just for the competitive athlete, it is also supportive to the long term enjoyment of any physical activity including going to the gym and chasing after grandkids!


We tend to limit our diversity of movement as we progress through life. Children jump and play and fully use their body’s range of motion through the day. As we sit and become more sedentary our muscles tend to shorten and lose their memory of the full potential for movement. A massage practitioner can skillfully and patiently move a client’s joints in order to increase circulation, and flexibility to tightened areas. Tight constricted muscles lead to limited movement, which leads to discomfort. Therapist supported stretching can be customized for your needs and is a great technique to add into any session.

Polarity Therapy

Polarity therapy is a technique that addresses the subtle levels of tension that accumulate over time and create symptoms of discomfort. Physical and emotional discomfort can be addressed through the use of this relaxing technique. We know what stress feels like as it creeps into our mind, emotions and then finally to our muscles. There is a traceable pattern of how and where different stresses accumulate and manifest in our systems. A polarity practitioner assesses these patterns and supports their clients through reestablishing the freedom within them. These patterns can be reconnected through touch and conscious awareness. Clients may be taught self-awareness tools to support themselves between sessions to encourage relaxation and comfort. This treatment can be received on its own during a full session, and would be done while the client is fully clothed, or pieces of it can be used to enhance a massage therapy session.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy can be a cherished time in a woman’s life, and it is also a time of many very specific bodily changes and stresses. A woman who is pregnant may suffer from different discomforts as they move through the different stages of pregnancy. Some common discomforts are to their legs, hips or back. Massage therapy can support a pregnant woman to move through her pregnancy in comfort by integrating regular sessions from conception to birth and as soon as 24 hours after giving birth. A comfortable and happily relaxed mom supports the healthy development of baby! Our Pregnancy Pillow System allows for the optimum levels of comfort throughout the duration of the pregnancy.

Consider a Revelation Massage Gift Certificate as a unique and very appreciated baby shower gift for the next mom-to-be in your life. CLICK HERE to visit our online shopping page today.

Positional Release

Can be considered a form of neuromuscular therapy. It is a technique that involves moving the body into a position that allows the tightened muscle to become slackened for a period of around 90 seconds to 2 minutes. This allows the muscle to “reboot” and be restored to balance and comfort.

Neuromuscular Therapy

“Neuro” means “associated with the nervous system” and “muscular” relates to muscles. The brain is continually sending signals down to the muscles telling them to contract and relax in order to support our everyday movement. Likewise there are signals that are sent back to the brain from the muscles that inform the brain of necessary changes needed to be made in order to accomplish those everyday movements. Through this feedback the muscles are able to respond to the repetitive environmental and emotional stresses found in everyday life. The communication chain between the brain and muscles can turn into a negative cycle that needs to be “rebooted” just like a computer. Neuromuscular therapy recognizes various gentle ways to restore the normal functioning of the muscles through slow repetitive work. This treatment is very effective to use with muscles that are in discomfort and too sore to use traditional massage pressure, or on tissues that are non-responsive to other methods. Clients find this therapy very relaxing and effective.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is the site-specific application of massage techniques that assist in the rebalancing of an individual’s posture, and supporting their ease of movement. Despite its name, deep tissue therapy does not need to be uncomfortable. In fact, when a muscle is in pain from a practitioner’s pressure that is too deep the muscle’s fibers contract in a protective response that defeats the main purpose of massage therapy, to elongate a muscle, not shorten it. A well-trained massage therapist is always sensitive to the appropriate pressure required to elicit a positive healing response in the muscle fibers. Deep tissue work is patient work. It requires assessing the correct muscles to work with, and the patient persistent techniques to support the health and balance of the joints and muscles.

Couples Massage

Share a relaxing treatment with a spouse or a friend. Couples Massage is offered for two people in the same room, at the same time by two therapists. This is a wonderful treatment to introduce someone to massage for the first time or as a special activity to enjoy together.



Thanks for visiting our website and checking out our services page. Revelation Massage located in Auburn, Maine serves the greater Lewiston Auburn area including Minot, Turner, Durham, Sabattus, Lisbon, Greene and Poland . We also serve the outlying areas including Litchfield, Buckfield, Hebron and Mechanic Falls. We would love to have you stop by the center for a tour and learn more about the benefits of massage. 

We are very active in our local community. If you would like to sample our services for free please join us at one of our events.

Revelation Enhancements

Aromatherapy Massage - $10 - Aromatherapy is the practice of using the powerful, natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, or roots to enhance psychological and physical wellbeing. You and your massage therapist can discuss which essential oil will best address your particular wellness goals, and they will seamlessly incorporate it into your massage.

Deep Heat Muscle Therapy - $12 - Perfect for the athlete or for chronic muscle pain. Tension melts away with a therapeutic use of moist heat and the application of a specially formulated muscle-relaxing serum. Your therapist's work goes deeper and lasts longer as the heat deeply penetrates your muscle problem areas for us to 10 minutes

Scalp and Face Treatment - $13 - Great for the ease and prevention of headaches, lavender and rosemary oils are gently massaged onto your scalp for a deeply moisturizing, relaxing treatment. An anti-aging cream will them be used in a soothing face massage.

Aroma Heat Treatment - $15 - Placed on your body after the application of essential oils, hot towels deepen the therapeutic benefits of the oils, relaxing and rejuvenating mind, body and spirit.

Anti-aging Spa Face Massage - $15 - Designed to brighten and firm the skin, reducing signs of aging through gentle facial massage, restorative cleanser, serums and creams. 

Deluxe Foot Treatment - $16 - Give your tired feet a luxurious experience. Take an essential oil footbath before your massage and enjoy a natural foot exfoliation, hot towels, and a deep moisturizer during your massage.

Add a Sauna - $20 - Add a Sauna after any massage therapy session. 

Add a Theralight: 360 - $20 - Nourish your cells with theraeutic wavelengths of red and near infrared light in order to optimize health, reduce inflammation, and heal the skin. 

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage - $22 - This full-body massage nourishes the body and relaxes the mind. Warm, hand-carved salt massage stones massage the body in specific combinations to relax body, mind and spirit. This results in very deep relaxation, improved sleep, reduced inflammation and a sense of emotional peace. 

Cupping -  $22 - An advanced therapeutic technique where silicone cups are placed on the skin to create a deep vacuum suction, gently creating change in the tissues up to 4" deep by loosening soft tissue releasing adhesions, increasing lymphatic flow and circulation. CLICK HERE for a client educational release form for cupping.

Head to Toe Renewal - $39 - Added to a 1.5-Hour Massage, this treatment includes aromatherapy and a face, scalp and a deluxe foot treatment. 

Add a 60-min Float - $45 - Add a float after any massage therapy session. 

Our massage therapists are in varied levels of training and development in our selection of massage enhancements. Please contact us if you have any questions about whether your therapist is trained in the enhancement type you wish to add to your customized massage therapy session.